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City of Roanoke auctions properties in bi-annual tax sale



ROANOKE, Va. – Around two dozen Roanoke properties hit the auction block Wednesday as part of the city’s bi-annual tax sale.

The houses and vacant lots were up for auction after taxes due on the properties were not paid.

The city treasurer’s office says it makes every effort to allow people to pay their taxes before putting the properties up for auction.

City Treasurer Evelyn Powers says this process not only allows for the city to begin making tax revenue again, but also helps beautify the city.

“The majority of these properties are blighted, they’re boarded up, no one’s living there, they’re overgrown, so these people that come to the tax sale fix these properties back up and put them back in the tax roles for us to start receiving our tax payments,” said Powers.

If you have late taxes, the treasurer says to call her office. In many cases, they can arrange a payment plan to avoid your property going up for auction.

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