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Gov. Northam adds Virginia Beach curfew to state of emergency



Governor Ralph Northam has declared a Commonwealth-wide

Sunday and authorized the use of a host of resources for localities.

The Governor’s Office also confirmed the approval of the request of Richmond’s mayor to extend its curfew through Wednesday, June 3. People are allowed to travel to and from home, work, places of worship, or seek help with emergencies,

There is also now a curfew for Virginia Beach from 8 p.m. Monday until 6 a.m. Thursday, with the same exceptions as above.

The state of emergency declaration allows the Virginia National Guard to pre-position people and equipment to help de-escalate violence and keep the public safe.

“There are many voices speaking out for justice and healing across the United States and in our Commonwealth, but others are exploiting this pain and inciting violence,” Northam said in the office’s release.

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