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Roanoke City Councilwoman Stephanie Moon Reynolds joins mayoral race



Roanoke, Virginia – With the introduction of a second candidate, the mayoral contest in Roanoke is picking up steam following the news in December of incumbent Mayor Sherman Lea’s resignation.

On Saturday, Vice Mayor Joe Cobb and Councilwoman Stephanie Moon Reynolds of Roanoke City officially announced their candidacies.

According to Moon Reynolds, her campaign benefits from her extensive expertise. She took up the office of City Councilwoman three years ago, having previously worked as the city clerk of Roanoke for thirteen years.

Moon Reynolds announced her candidacy and emphasized her commitment to the Roanoke community. She gave a summary of her goals for the city and promised to use her prospective position as mayor to promote several neighborhood-focused projects. Among them are pledges to improve education, encourage the creation of jobs, and deal with poverty and homelessness.

“I believe in the power of our city, the strength of this people, the richness of this culture, and the resiliency of this spirit. It is this belief that drives me to step forward and offer my vision for a welcoming, inclusive, and more cohesive Roanoke,” said Moon Reynolds.

Moon Reynolds’s declaration comes after Vice Mayor Joe Cobb’s official campaign kickoff. With his “What’s Good Roanoke” program, Cobb hopes to lessen crime and violence in Roanoke.


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