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Due to recent zoning changes, residents in Roanoke are suing the city



Roanoke, Virginia – A recent zoning ordinance that outlaws single-family-only neighborhoods has prompted a group of Roanoke residents to file a lawsuit against the city.

Changes to the zoning ordinance were approved by the City Council last month, allowing developers to construct various kinds of housing in residential zones, including duplexes and small apartment complexes, subject to certain restrictions.

According to court records released on Thursday, a group of homeowners is suing the city because it violated the law when enacting the amendments.

According to the lawsuit, the city violated state law when it posted notices to the public about the proposed change.

The locals argue that Roanoke failed to provide specifics, justification, or notice of the new zoning amendments.

The case’s principal plaintiff, Anthony Stavola, requested that the council take its time making a decision.

“All they had to do is hit the pause button and say ‘Okay let’s talk about what we can do?’ Like the motion to do a mail-in thing…fine. Just meet us somewhere in the middle,” Stavola said.

Additionally, according to the lawsuit, residents who reside in the districts affected by the modifications were not adequately informed about them.

“There was nothing done individually at all, to any homeowners. It was not done, period,” Stavola said.

The city informed locals about the project through a series of open houses conducted at nearby libraries before the lawsuit was filed.

“The City does not typically comment on pending litigation and has no information to provide on this matter at this time. The City will continue to ensure that the best interests of its residents are represented,” a statement read.


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