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Neighbors in shock after antisemitic hate flyers spread across Southwest Roanoke



Roanoke, Virginia – This past weekend, disturbing antisemitic and hateful flyers were posted all around Southwest Roanoke, shocking the community.

“After returning home from what was supposed to be a fun memorable night for a homeowner in the Franklin Colonial Neighborhood, turned into a terrible moment after finding hateful flyers messages in her neighborhood.”

“I was about ready to get sick. I mean, it just made me ill,” said Sandy Szabo, a neighbor who received a hate flyer.

On Saturday night, Szabo had just dropped off her exchange student at prom when she saw a strange automobile circling her cul-de-sac.

“I think it was around 10 o’clock, the car came really slowly, but I didn’t think much of it,” she explained.

As she left to pick up her exchange student from Prom, “I noticed something shiny, it looked like a piece of trash in our driveway. I figured I get it on the way back,” said Szabo, but when she returned, she was met with a disturbing message.

“It is a horrible flyer. Corn to keep it down. And it wasn’t just in my driveway, it was along the entire call to sack down the street,” exclaimed Szabo. “It’s just completely sick. I mean, this was just one of three. There was one that was anti-Biden, anti-Trump, there’s one that was anti-migration according to the police.”

Szabo was one of the many homeowners who found antisemitic and hateful flyers left in their driveway.

“It is hateful. I mean, as soon as I thought as soon as I saw it and was like oh my god, this is His total trash this is totally hate. And I, you know, I don’t agree with that,” she said.

Flyers were in the driveway of 8 Franklin Colonial and Grandin Court neighborhood streets, according to the Roanoke Police Department. As many flyers as they could were gathered by the police.

“The police did go investigate the synagogue that with right around the corner. They wanted to make sure that it was okay,” said Szabo.

Rabbi Kathy Cohen from the Temple Emanuel released a statement saying “These messages of hate have no place in our city.”

Extra patrols by police have been conducted in and around nearby synagogues. To work together on this inquiry and ascertain whether any charges are appropriate, the Criminal Investigations Bureau has contacted the FBI.

“Hopefully it stays small and hopefully they’ll get caught soon,” hoped Szabo.

While no possible suspect has been found by the police. An investigation is underway into the incident.


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