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The presence of the Lynchburg Police Department in downtown will grow



Lynchburg, Virginia – The Lynchburg Police Department (LPD) is concentrating its efforts on raising awareness following the shooting that occurred last weekend. Residents in the downtown area should anticipate increased police enforcement starting on April 20.

“We have heard from our partners downtown and also in light of recent incidents downtown, that we wanted to increase patrols and increase visibility in some of our establishments downtown to have a good customer experience for everyone involved,” said LPD Sergeant Joseph Tucker.

Eight gunshots have been reported so far this year, while 218 property offenses were registered between January and February.

Tucker stated that more people will be walking around as a result of the changing weather.

“Last weekend’s event had a small part to play in that we’ve also, you know, heard from different organizations and businesses downtown that they would like to see an increased police presence,” said Tucker.

“You can expect to see officers on foot, in their vehicles, directing patrols, patrolling parking lots,” explained Tucker.

According to Tucker, to achieve its goals, the department will collaborate with state partners.

“I think citizens can expect to see this type of police presence throughout the summer months,” said Tucker. “We just want to make sure everybody’s safe having a good time.”

One of the first stages in preventing crime, according to him, is visibility.

“We’ve also heard from establishments that they would like to see us down there, more and more engaged,” said Tucker.


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