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Virginia lawmakers respond as the Senate approves a $1.2 trillion plan



Virginia – Averting another government shutdown early on Saturday morning was successful.
Just after midnight, the Senate approved a last-minute financing bill.

It followed the bipartisan House’s early Friday passage of the $1.2 trillion government funding agreement.

Funding is provided by this measure for labor, health and human services, homeland security, education, and military.

However, not everyone supported this budget bill.

Congressman Bob Good (R–5th District) of Virginia voted against it on Friday when it came up for a vote in the House.

“I was very much opposed to the bill simply because it keeps in place the Biden-Pelosi-Schumer policies that are destroying the country,” Rep. Good said. “It didn’t end Biden’s climate extremism. It didn’t end his DEI, diversity equity inclusion, and critical race theory that permeates every agency and department now.”

However, Senator Mark Warner (D-Virginia) supported the spending plan with his yes vote. The senator described how the funds will affect us here in the commonwealth in a conference call on Friday.

“These are very important bills to Virginia in terms of DOD and military installations. Very important in terms of added beds and personnel on the border,” Sen. Warner said. “There is no state that gets hit harder than Virginia if there’s a government shutdown. Because of our concentration of DOD, Navy in Hampton Roads, number of government contractors,” Warner said.

Warner stated that financing for Ukraine will be the next topic discussed.


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