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These 5 Fashionable Must-Haves Will Help You Dress for Success



The motto “dress for success” may be a tired saying, but the sentiments behind it are still as relevant as ever. We’d argue that wearing the right type of business clothing does more than just give off a great first impression to an investor or potential hiring manager; it also gives you an added boost of confidence that, in turn, can help make your elevator pitches sound more succinct, your presentations more engaging, and your salary negotiations more direct.

When it comes to modern business wardrobing, it’s hard to beat these five essentials below. These include comfortable trousers that allow you to look good and feel good as you run from one meeting to the next, minimalist work bags that can stow all your essentials and pair well with practically any outfit, and an everyday timepiece that helps tie your entire look together. Better yet, all of them can be dressed

Your closet is already filled to the brim with solid colored, slim-fit button ups. If you’re looking to change it up a bit, a bold design and color combination, such as a burgundy hue with tiny polka dots, or a unique fit, such as a bohemian silhouette, can help get you out of your button up rut. Think of this approach as all the benefits of wearing the classic top (i.e., you’ll look wholly professional) but with a bit more flair.  up or down, so they’ll work just as well on casual Fridays as they do during your next board meeting.

If you have yet to incorporate one of these staples into your workwear rotation, let these stylish, office-appropriate designs inspire you otherwise.

In the world of menswear, socks may not be the most exciting sartorial investment to make, but they can be one of the most defining. The right, bold pair can take an otherwise boring outfit and take it to new heights. And trust us, people will take notice (in a good way) at a geometric design like this one from Happy Socks that’s cool and not kitschy.

Here’s the thing with work trousers: some pairs look good, some pairs feel good, but few accomplish both. That, however, isn’t the case with these two options from ADAY and Bonobos. Both are crafted from soft, performance-esque materials that help you feel comfortable even during the most gruelling of work weeks.

Ironically work bags are often the most overlooked part of your daily attire, yet they’re the only item we also sport on a daily basis. Instead of grabbing for an old backpack or tote bag that’s been lying around your home, opt for one of these versatile carry-alls. Each has been crafted from durable materials to help you protect your laptop and other workplace essentials, and has a neutral hue that pairs well with practically every business outfit. All in all, they’re fool-proof.

While smartwatches are all well and good, it’s hard to beat an analog timepiece. Especially considering that there are plenty of minimalist designs, such as the metallic iteration from MVMT and the affordable chronograph from Timex listed below, that don’t succumb to fast fashion trends. Considering how much use you’ll get out of an everyday timepiece for years to come, it’s one accessory worth investing in.

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