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The Virginia Parole Board will consider Stephen Epperly’s request to be freed from his 1980 murder conviction



Pulaski County, Virginia – More than 40 years have passed since Stephen Epperly’s conviction for Gina Renee Hall’s murder. He is currently making a request in front of the Virginia Department of Corrections Parole Board once again.

The board was given the opportunity to hear from Pulaski County Commonwealth Attorney Justin Griffith on May 14 regarding the prospect of Epperly’s parole release.

Griffith stated in a statement that Epperly’s release would mark a return to evil.

“It is making sure everyone remembers the quest for justice that Everett Shockley began and that our office continues to see through and will continue to see through until Epperly’s end. It is making sure the parole board understands that “this nightmare will never end for Gina Hall’s family until Stephen Epperly meets his maker.”

In 1980, Hall was killed while a freshman at Radford University.

According to Virginia State Police investigations, she left the club with Epperley the night before she died and traveled to a residence on Claytor Lake. It’s unclear, though, if she accompanied him voluntarily.

Hall told her sister over the phone later that evening that she was with a man by the name of Steve.

Her final call was this one.

Inside the lake house, Hall’s blood was found throughout the inquiry. Her corpse, nevertheless, was never located.

This is Virginia’s first murder conviction in which there is no physical evidence.

This is just one of Epplerly’s several parole requests. The Virginia Department of Corrections turned down his most recent request in 2021.



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