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The Historic Roanoke City Market building will soon start a redesign and rebranding effort



Roanoke, Virginia – The iconic Roanoke City Market Building will soon undergo significant renovations. At a press conference on Thursday, the market’s organizers rejoiced that, following the building’s recent economic struggles, including the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is now operating at 100% occupancy for the first time in five years. Chico’s Subs, the most recent addition to the dining establishment, transformed the last vacant area in the building, ushering in a new era for the ancient structure.

“We’re still somewhat recovering and merging from the pandemic. So some of the downtown employers and employees are starting to see a comeback in that regard,” said Vice Mayor Joe Cobb. “Which I think is reflected in the number of food vendors that are now in this location.”

The organizers declared that they are pursuing a new positioning plan in response to the recent expansions, which would involve redesigning the food hall and mezzanine spaces within the building. Additionally, they announced the launch of a new visual identity system and brand that better aligns with the city’s overall marketing plan and the market’s longstanding function as a hub for social interaction and business in downtown.

“We envision a future where inside the Market Building patrons can get a taste of all that Roanoke offers and then be guided to the various experiences outside our doors that make this region so special,” the market’s Executive Director Elliot Broyles said. “Roanoke’s downtown market district has caught the eye of many visitors and often serves as a gateway to the area’s arts, entertainment, and outdoor recreation scenes. With more round-the-clock programming, culinary diversity, and the talents of our incredible vendor partners, we know that we can offer a truly vibrant space that brings people together. I couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come.”

The third-floor event space within the market building, “Charter Hall,” is getting a new logo and marketing plan as part of the new branding project. The goal of these changes is to boost visibility and unify all facets of the building’s activities under a single, common vision and marketing plan.

“The refresh of this space will kind of dictate how we can use it,” Broyles said, “We want that to be as flexible as possible so we can do all sorts of different things such as arts, entertainment, live performances, cooking demonstrations. There are things that can happen in this building that we’re not currently laid out for, but we can be. And that’s the next phase.”


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