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School administrators in Roanoke County ask the judge to dismiss the lawsuit



Roanoke, Virginia – A lawsuit against four school administrators has been filed by a member of the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors.

Their lawyer requested the case be dismissed by a federal judge on Thursday morning.
Martha Hooker, the supervisor for Roanoke County in the education system, claims she was let go because of a vote that the majority of the school board disapproved of.

“We’re here on the defendants’ motion to dismiss,” attorney Tommy Strelka said.

Strelka and Hooker after the Thursday morning hearing. Hooker remained silent, but Strelka explained the rationale behind her accusation against the four officials: Superintendent Ken Nicely, Tim Greenway, Brent Hudson, and school board member Cheryl Facciani.

According to the two counts, Hooker’s first amendment rights were violated and he was fired improperly.

“Both of these predicate there was illegal retaliation on the part of the defendants based on Ms. Hooker engaging in statutorily and constitutionally protected rights,” Strelka said.

The four defendants were not present in court, and Stacy Haney, their lawyer, declined to be interviewed.

However, a response to the lawsuit contends that Hooker’s employment was not officially addressed by the school board, that Hooker had a conflict of interest because he was both an employee of the school division and a member of the board that provides funding for the schools and that school officials are qualified to receive immunity from liability under Hooker’s first amendment claims.

Now that Hooker has asked for damages, he is hoping the judge will let the matter proceed to trial.

Judge Elizabeth Dillon promised to consider the attorneys’ briefs and make a decision later.



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