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Salem City Council approves funds for the newly created Wasena State Park



Salem, Virginia – The Salem City Council overwhelmingly decided to allow the city manager to agree with Roanoke City to supply funding for a new skate park. This decision was made at the meeting.

“It is not going to be under the bridge, but it will be in an area of the park. What they will be putting into that area is much, much, much more than what the city said we could ever afford to do for its citizens,” said Mayor Renee Turk.

The Wasena Area will be home to the new mountain bike and skate park.

Salem intends to give away $200,000 all at once.

The skate park will be open to the general public and used for major events.

This comes after the Moyer Skate Park in Salem abandoned its 2022 redevelopment plans, depriving skateboarders of a safe space to roam.

The skate park was supposed to be improved as part of the Moyer Sports Complex upgrades.

Nevertheless, the City of Salem stated in a statement that they concluded that “…adding 10 new pickleball courts in that area would be an excellent use for the space and fit the competition theme of the complex much better” shortly after they started construction in September 2022.

“Although I’m sure people are gonna be disappointed to travel farther, and it’s going to be a better facility for citizens of the valley,” said Councilman Randy Foley.

The city of Roanoke will provide a draft layout of the gateway entrance when the project is almost finished.

It’s anticipated to be finished in 2025 by late spring or early summer.

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