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Roanoke will host the Roanoke Strawberry Festival on May 6 and 7



Roanoke, Virginia – The Strawberry Festival will return to downtown Roanoke this weekend, bringing thousands of people to the area.

While the famous event is renowned for its delicious delicacies, it is also the Community School’s greatest fundraiser, and there is a lot of excitement on campus this week as a result.

As teachers include strawberry themes into their curriculum, parents work tirelessly behind the scenes to help their children learn about community service.

“By our parents volunteering and role modeling that behavior for our kids and actually our older kids volunteering as well, it really makes it a community event for Roanoke but also something every member of our school can be involved with,” Liz Johnson with the Community School said.

One of Roanoke’s longest-running events, the 42nd annual event, will take place on Friday and Saturday, May 6 and 7, at Elmwood Park.

More information on the festival may be found here.

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