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Roanoke to refund on-street parking tickets issued in error



ROANOKE, Va. – Roanoke residents who believe they were issued an on-street parking ticket by mistake could be eligible for a refund.

On June 15, 2020, Roanoke’s audit report discovered that there were instances where parking tickets were issued instead of a warning.

To combat the issue, Roanoke has partnered with Lancor Parking to create a refund program.

If you think you were incorrectly given a parking ticket between January 1, 2017, and March 25, 2020, you can submit a claim to PARK Roanoke through September 1, 2021.

If your claim is eligible, a complete refund, any fees associated with the citation and compounded interest will be issued.

To ensure this issue is resolved going forward, PARK Roanoke has implemented the following steps:

  • Completed a full software upgrade to the TickeTrack System
  • Created New SCOFFS that accurately identifies warning tickets vs. citations
  • Conducted periodic spot audits
  • Reviewed current city code

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