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Roanoke County police are developing connections with the community through organizing events.



Roanoke County, Virginia – In addition to serving and protecting, Roanoke County police are attempting to develop connections with the people they serve.

Hosting events like Friday’s “Pizza with the Police” is one method.

The Roanoke County Police Department partnered with the 7-Eleven on Electric Road to offer residents with free pizza, Slurpees, and presents.

One of the department’s K-9s was also present. The purpose of an event like this is for children to feel more comfortable among police officers.

“We don’t want kids to be afraid of them. We are here to help. We need them to hopefully get to know us at one of these events and recognize us and realize we are actually here to help,” Roanoke County Police Department’s Crime Prevention Coordinator Greg Benton said.

Ice Cream with Cops is one of the community activities hosted by the Roanoke County Police Department throughout the year.

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