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Roanoke community calls for action following recent shooting incidents



ROANOKE, Va.  — Following the shooting of three teens — one of whom died — in Roanoke City on Monday, community members believe something needs to be done.

The Roanoke City Council does have a Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, but a local pastor says we need more than that.

Bishop J.L. Jackson, Pastor of ReFreshing Church in Roanoke, says he was a member of the task force, whose goal is to help prevent this kind of violence.

He tells WFXR News that the group does a good job of collecting information but not taking action.

“There’s a deeper cry than just a group of people who come together weekly or monthly to talk about it. We’re at a point now that is critical. We need action,” Jackson said.

According to Jackson, he’s working with local organizations to create better programs for teens and more positive activities.

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