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Roanoke brothers to open city’s first distillery since 1909



ROANOKE, Va. – While Roanoke has seen a variety of breweries open shop in recent years, a different alcoholic drink will soon be raising spirits in the Star City.

Brady’s Distillery will be the first to operate within Roanoke since 1909, according to the company.

Brian, Andy and Tim Brady are crafting a variety of spirits, including blended bourbons and whiskeys, rum, gin, vodkas and brandy.

“The idea for a distillery came to us roughly 10 years ago while visiting a distillery in VA. We were completely enamored by the craft. We had all been beer brewers for years, but this was a whole new level. From learning the simple but complicated science behind operating the still, to creating recipes and bringing personality to each offering, it’s all been so exciting and rewarding. We’re excited to share the fruit of our labor,” said Tim, who’s a recently retired Master Sergeant with the U.S. Air Force with 20 years of service.

Brian and Andy, have prior entrepreneur experience as the two own their own indoor air quality company.

The company’s production facility is on Pocahontas Ave NE, about a half-mile from the intersection of Williamson Road and Orange Avenue.

They’re still working on a location for a tasting room in the downtown area.

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