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Roanoke airport ends 2020 down 59% from 2019



ROANOKE, Va. – 2020 is over and it’s a year that the airline industry certainly wants to leave in the past.

For the year, the 291,718 passengers to fly into and out of Roanoke mark a 59% decrease from 2019′s 719,707.

For December, the airport saw a 6% drop from November’s numbers; however, that holds true every year since 2015.

December 2020 had 23,384 people fly, which represents a drastic improvement since April’s 1,823 total passengers.

“Passengers are more and more comfortable with the measures taken by the air carriers and airports to ensure their safety,” stated David Jeavons, interim executive director of the Roanoke Regional Airport Commission. “We hope traffic increases throughout the winter. Lower overall airfare has stimulated demand, and as airlines rebuild their schedules, it is critical to use our current service not only to keep it but also to have more restored and help our economy grow. We continue to appreciate the support of our community, choosing ROA, and not driving out of the market to fly.”

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