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Popular fast food establishment in Christiansburg offers drone delivery service



Christiansburg, Virginia – Thanks to Wing’s expansion, Christiansburg residents using DoorDash may now get their Wendy’s delivered by drone.

The drone delivery company’s CFO, Shannon Nash, is also an alumnus of the University of Virginia. She claimed it worked well when they had a soft launch with Wendy’s in Christiansburg prior to revealing the expansion. The delivery took a little under eight minutes in total.

”From the time the Wendy’s order was received at 11:20 a.m. and loaded onto the drone at 11:25 a.m., it was at the customer’s house at 11:27 a.m. Like, that’s pretty fast,” explained Nash.

Back in 2019, Christiansburg became the first city in the US to receive food delivery via drone. As time goes on, Nash said, it becomes increasingly evident why they decided to launch in this particular place. She continues by saying that a lot of senior couples in the neighborhood use delivery services as a quick and convenient way to buy essential household goods and food.

“One couple was one of the first people to really adopt using drone delivery, they have gone on to win a world record for the most commercial drone deliveries. They’ve done over 1200. It’s a lot of things you would think of like food, and household items, they’re both in their 80s, though, so this really showed a need for them being able to still get the things that they needed without getting in a car and get them fast,” said Nash.

Nash added that the addition of Wendy’s delivery to the list of ecologically friendly fast food options is a step in the right direction, pointing out that drones use less energy than automobiles.
Enter your address to check if you are in the Christiansburg service region before placing a drone meal order on DoorDash. You can select the “deliver by drone” option on the app after placing your order.

According to the organization, they are actively seeking to expand the number of restaurants in Christiansburg that offer drone delivery services, with the goal of having more options available in the coming years.



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