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Parents, students excited as football season resumes at Pittsylvania County Schools



Football season is back for Pittsylvania County schools. The county schools had their first games Thursday night and families got to watch with COVID-19 restrictions in place.

Some parents thought they wouldn’t be able to see their kids play this year.

“Tonight is the first night that my son’s going to be able to play, he’s a senior so I know he’s super excited. We’ve anticipated on waiting to see him play,” said Sarah Moon.

She says her son has been preparing to play just in case COVID-19 restrictions eased up.

“He’s been going through the year just kind of doing physical activity to try and get ready just in case, but it was never for sure if he was going to be able to play or not,” she said.

Percy Younger is here to support his nephew, Matthew. He says Matthew lost his mom during the pandemic, so this game is extra special to him.

“It means everything because I know his first game is a dedication to his mom and I know that he wants us to be there,” said Younger.

He says Matthew usually sleeps in later but has been up since early this morning with excitement.

To see him finally get out there, it’s a joy,” he said.

Pittsylvania County Schools are only letting the football teams play one another in the county. There’s also no run at a state title this year.

Moon says even though things are limited, she is just happy to be here for her son.

“I wish it was different but I understand that they gotta take precautions and I think this year’s been crazy, so I don’t think there’s no right or wrong way to do things,” said Moon.

Pittsylvania County schools are starting their football season late. They are only letting schools play one another in the county. They are letting families in to watch. (Credit: WSET)

While they allowed families in, everyone had to wear a mask, get their temperature checked, and be socially distanced.

Even though the players won’t do battle against any rivals, Younger says this is still better than nothing at all.

“It’s a blessing that they get to play at all because I was wondering if they would get to play at all,” Younger says.

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