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No injuries reported in Danville fire



Danville, Virginia – Around 2:30 a.m. Sunday, the Danville Fire Department responded to a structure fire at 250 Celetex Drive.

A large asphalt boiler, as well as electric switches, pumps, and panels, were placed in the building. The entire building was on fire, including all of the electrical equipment. Oil leaking from the boiler was the cause of the majority of the fire.

As firefighters arrived, plant personnel had disconnected the building’s electricity.

It was peanut oil that was used to heat the boiler. The oil had caught fire and was leaking out of the building.

Officials said the runoff moved to a large lagoon behind the main plant after the fire was put out.

Peanut oil is not thought to have an environmental impact, particularly with the little amount of runoff from the structure. The structure and all of its contents have been severely damaged. Plant operations can continue while Blue Ridge workers conduct repairs and/or replacements.

The fire was started by a mechanical failure within or outside the boiler. There were no accidents or injuries.

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