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New testing center for people suffering from dizziness will open in Roanoke



Roanoke, Virginia – People who suffer from mysterious dizziness will soon be able to get assistance thanks to the opening of a new testing facility in the Roanoke Valley.

As the first American Institute of Balance Center of Specialty Care in the Roanoke area, the Roanoke Valley Speech & Hearing Center will serve the whole Roanoke Valley. Starting on June 1, the facility will begin conducting specialized testing, which should allow patients to get the most appropriate therapy in a shorter amount of time.

LeeAnn Linkenhoker, who serves as its executive director, leads the Roanoke Valley Speech & Hearing Center.

“It means that anyone who is experiencing dizziness, imbalance, vertigo, or any of the above can come here and get diagnosed,” said Linkenhoker.

“And it will give us the opportunity to figure out what the underlying cause is so that we can tailor treatment,” said Dr. Heather Dickey, a clinical audiologist.

The Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia provided a grant of $60,000 to help with the establishment of the new testing facility.

To learn more about the Roanoke Valley Speech & Hearing Center, please click this link.

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