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New data center could bring in billions of investments in Pittsylvania County



Pittsylvania County, Virginia – Pittsylvania County may soon welcome a new data center as a result of rezoning recommendations made on Wednesday by the planning commission.

Zoning for a new data center was overwhelmingly endorsed by the Pennsylvania County Planning Commission. Up to $5 billion in investments and 500 new employment could be created in the county as a result of this development.

Thomas Gallagher, a representative of Anchorstone Advisors SOVA LLC, stated that the center would rezone more than 900 acres in Ringgold off of U.S. 58 South.

“Data centers provide secure and reliable ways to save and store data; health care’s been a huge user, and it’s only increasing. Data centers also allow for fast, reliable connectivity for everyday web users for tasks like texting, social media, and emails,” said Gallagher.

Throughout the course of ten to fifteen years, the project may also generate up to $120 million in tax income. Some locals, however, oppose the development due to worries about noise levels, traffic, and diminished property value.

“We don’t need our property depreciated anymore by this,” emphasized one resident.

“This is going to affect our neighbors. It’s going to affect our kids. We don’t want it there,” said another resident.

In response to the worries, Gallagher stated that they are operating under rules.

“Our proffers, which we can basically confirm we have to comply with the regulations, which is 65 decibels at the property line,” explained Gallagher.

Despite community objections, planning commission members supported this proposal.

“When you talk about tax revenue, we all just watched our taxes go up, that wasn’t any fun. This is one heck of a way to stop that from ever happening again,” said Justin Brown, Dan River District.

“So many felt like that we were left out with the casino came to Danville. This is that casino. It’s time to grow,” said Janet Mease, Callands-Gretna District.

In Southside, this would be the first data center. In July, the Board of Supervisors will cast a vote on the rezoning.

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