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Man from Amherst County writes a book on surviving several near-death experiences



Amherst County, Virginia – Nearly everyone has experienced what they would consider to be a near miss. You haven’t, however, probably had quite as many as Greg Freshour.

“I kept having these events in my life happen over and over, and events to where I easily could have died or had serious injuries from them,” said Freshour.

The citizen of Amherst County has had so many that he has written a book on them. “Close Calls in Paradise” is the title.

There are around twenty scenarios that resemble scenes from a Final Destination movie among the 205 pages.

At 29, Freshour’s brother passed away. An automobile crash was the cause of death.

Freshour highlights two head-on incidents he has survived in the book. Hawaii was the location of one.

“This is back before seatbelts were required so none of us had one on and the top was down on the jeep… as I’m coming up to the light I see this van flying at a high rate of speed… We hit the side of the van, it flipped the van. We bounced around in that jeep. It totaled the Jeep. I ended up with just a cut on my knee, and my friend went right into the windshield” said Freshour.

The account of Greg’s survival – in which he went over a 150-foot cliff in California – may be the scariest of all.

The surface he was standing on began to degrade from below, causing the ground to give way.

“I was digging my hands and feet trying to stop myself but it was a 45-degree angle and I was sliding fast, and I could remember saying “God Please Save Me, Please Save Me” and then I went off… It knocked both my shoes off, I was cut up pretty good and my head was hurting… a lot,” said Freshour.

Freshour has escaped natural disasters even at home.

When the Elon Tornado tore through Amherst County in 2018, it went within two miles of his house.

When we finally got to see him that day, his house was essentially unaltered.

According to Freshour, he authored the book primarily for one purpose.

“I want to challenge them whether to make a spiritual change in their life, or maybe the way they treat people I want people to realize there is eternity and I want to prepare people for that,” said Freshour.

You can get Freshour’s book locally at Givens Books and Barnes and Noble, as well as online at




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