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Laura’s Lettuce and Onions



For the cornbread

• 1 ¾ c buttermilk

• ¼ c vegetable oil

• 2 c self-rising cornbread mix

Mix ingredients and bake in an 8” pan (cast iron preferred) for 20-25 minutes or until golden.

For the salad: 

• 12 c shredded green leaf lettuce

• 6 small green onions

• 3 tbsp grape seed oil

• 3 slices Hormel dry salt cured pork

• 1 tsp salt

• sliced cherry tomatoes for garnish

• Cornbread croutons (sliced and cubed from previous step)

Shred 12 cups of green leaf lettuce in a large, shallow baking dish. Mince six green onions and toss into shredded lettuce. Add one teaspoon salt or add to taste. In a heavy, iron skillet or frying pan heat three tablespoons of grape seed oil and three slices Hormel dry salt cured pork. Fry until pork is crispy and the oil begins to smoke. Carefully pour the hot oil back and forth across the lettuce and onions. Then toss using tongs. Remove the slices of crispy, fried pork. They can be crumbled and added back to lettuce and onions if desired. Dish into salad bowls, adding cornbread croutons and sliced cherry tomatoes. Enjoy immediately as is or accompanied with pinto beans. Serves four.

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