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July is National Make a Difference to Children month



Roanoke, Virginia – Family Service of the Roanoke Valley plan to commemorate National Make a Difference to Children Month in a big way.

Megan Brookshier, who is a Youth Development Coordinator with Family Service of the Roanoke Valley, shares the importance of the holiday, ways to get involved and their plans to give back to children.

The grassroots movement behind the National Make A Difference to Children Month was started in 2006 by Kim Ratz.

The month raises awareness about the vulnerability any child in the world can face if they do not have the right person in their lives to guide them. Children, being pure of heart and still lacking experience about life, need guidance to choose the right paths. Oftentimes such guiding figures can be parents, older siblings, teachers, or other types of guardians. However, it also happens that many times children do not have such mentors, and this can put them in harm’s way.

A study shows that children are more likely to pursue higher studies if they have mentors and ideals in their lives. Children are the future of the world, and this is why it is important to make a positive difference in their lives.

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