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In seeking a new superintendent, Bedford County Public Schools is open to public feedback



Bedford, Virginia – A new superintendent for Bedford County Public Schools is now being sought after.

This follows Dr. Marc Bergin’s announcement that he will step down from the role after the 2023–2024 academic year.

In addition to announcing the hiring timetable, the Bedford County School Board is soliciting public input regarding the qualities that they hope to see in the district’s next superintendent.

Beginning on Monday, the public will have the opportunity to express their views with the School Board through surveys and Town Hall sessions.

The School Board will identify the qualities and credentials of the future superintendent by taking into account the opinions expressed by the community, teachers, parents, staff, and students. Marcus Hill, the chairman of the school board, discusses the significance of choosing a new superintendent.

“Once we have feedback from the community and put that together, we’re looking for the most qualified candidate. One who can lead us into the next 3 to 5 years. We’re not looking to be just at a state standard, we want to be above the state standard. So, we’re looking for someone who’s results driven. But they’ve got to be a leader in the system, and they also must be a community member. But again, based on the feedback from our community, what other characteristics should they hold?” said Hill.

A public input survey will open from Monday, February 26-March 19.

Town Hall Meetings:

Liberty High School–February 29

Jefferson Forest High School–March 5

Staunton River High School– March 19

All meetings will run from 4:30 pm to 8 pm at the schools’ libraries.

The school board is set to have a superintendent announced by early June.


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