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Hotel Roanoke intends to increase its facilities



Roanoke, Virginia – The Hotel Roanoke & Convention Center is about to expand, and according to property representatives, they intend to increase convention capacity by ten percent.

“We definitely need another small ballroom, which we envision the courtyard being. So we can host additional trade show general session lunches, and also have it designed in a way that appeals and creates allowance for social events, things like weddings, award banquets, fundraisers,” said General Manager Brian Wells.

There are more than 25 meeting venues in the building, including ballrooms and VIP boardrooms, but Wells stated that the need to add 10,000 square feet was identified in 2019.

“The conference center in Roanoke was really developed as a companion to Hotel Roanoke back in the early 1990s. When the hotel was closed in 1989, we needed a long-term plan for success,” explained Wells.

The projected cost of the project is approximately $10 million. Wells informed us that the money would come from bonds issued by the Facilities Act of 1993.

“A portion of the state sales tax that’s collected at the site will be returned to the municipality to help offset the cost of development,” explained Wells.

Bonds are normally repaid over time with interest using proceeds from the projects they finance.
According to Wells, the expanded patio area and the courtyard improvements together with the extra room will continue to draw big reservations far into the future.

“We have a terrace called the Magnolia Terrace, which is adjacent to our historic magnolia tree,” described Wells. “It’s a beautiful tree. We would like to enclose that expanded terrace, and then have it so it could open up onto some patio spaces on the front lawn, with potential firepits and other amenities as can be developed.”

The courtyard and terrace’s design is still in the early stages of development.

“Until the architectural firms do their job and respond, it could look in a variety of different ways, but it will maintain the integrity of a Hotel Roanoke structure as a historic site, and architectural features of the Conference Center,” said Wells.

Before the previous bonds expire on July 1st, new bonds must be issued. The municipal council will hold a public hearing on bond issuance on April 15.

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