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First responder football team from Roanoke serves the community both on and off the field



Roanoke, Virginia – a unique alliance formed by first responders to better serve their communities. They are exchanging their football pads and helmets for a helmet and their uniforms.

The Roanoke Rampage is not your typical football club; its players are law enforcement and fire personnel who exchange their uniforms and badges for helmets and cleats.

“The community’s backing us, we’re more than just a body in a uniform, we are actually a normal person. We are coming out here to play football, have some fun, and also play for a purpose,” Jeff Cobb, K9 handler for Roanoke City Police said.

Playing is done for many reasons than only touchdowns and tackles.

Giving back to the community is the main goal. Since its debut season fifteen years ago, Roanoke Rampage has extended its support to neighborhood organizations.

This year, they will be contributing their earnings to Chris’s Coffee and Custard, a company that hires individuals with impairments.

“It’s one of those charities that means a lot to me. Being able to give back to the community and how much of an impact Chris’s Custard has in our community,” Dawer Sahi, Deputy for Roanoke Sheriff’s office said.

People from all across the nation can play football with the Roanoke Rampage in the National Public Safety Football League, which promotes agency cooperation.

“The big rivalry and anything you hear is police officers and firefighters. Guns versus hoses things of that nature, but the Roanoke rampage gives us the chance to bring those two different organizations together and build a bond build a brotherhood,” Jamison Ratcliffe, President of Roanoke Rampage said.

They will now go to Nashville on May 18th to play the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department after winning on Saturday. One more step toward qualifying for the June 22nd championship game.



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