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First Lady of Virginia speaks about fentanyl safety at Roanoke City Schools



Roanoke, Virginia – To raise awareness about fentanyl, Roanoke City Schools and Virginia First Lady Suzanne Youngkin are collaborating.

She underlined the importance of parents and schools in protecting youngsters from harmful drugs during a parent education conference on Monday.

“I think sometimes we feel like we have to impart our wisdom. We have to tell them everything there is about fentanyl, all the dangers and what can happen. Maybe what we really need to do is just listen to one another and ask our children how they’re feeling, what they’re hearing, what they know, what they’re curious about. And I think as we have those conversations, hopefully, we will see healthier and healthier behavior sprang out of that,” said Youngkin.

Since Roanoke has the highest rate of overdose deaths in the Commonwealth, First Lady Youngkin says she decided to base her awareness program, “It Only Takes One,” there.

“It is a community that has a high risk and high need, but is also a community that has a high energy and determination to address this problem. You have social networks and recovery networks and educators, and parents, all of whom who are coming together to really step into this space. And to make sure that we say over and over and over again, it only takes one pill, one mistake, one missed conversation,” explained Youngkin.

Dr. Verletta White, the superintendent of Roanoke City Schools, says it is imperative for the educational system that pupils receive appropriate instruction on the dangers of fentanyl usage.

“When our students are struggling or when they’re tempted, that this is how we kind of would impede or intervene and that type of temptation, and let them know that it only takes one, right, one pill can kill. And we want them to, to know that, that the dangers of this, and hopefully we can serve as a role model for other school systems in the nation,” said White.

Call the SAMHSA National Helpline at 1-800-662-4357 if you or someone you know is experiencing addiction.

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