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Drivers urged to use caution as I-81 sees wintery mix, wet roads



Virginia – Virginia Department of Transportation is continuing to monitor icy conditions on the roads Wednesday night.

Around rush hour, many drivers could be seen leaving downtown to head home on Interstate 81. VDOT is asking people to only go on the roads to and from work since the roads are slick.

Wintery conditions were captured on I-81 between Botetourt County and Roanoke.

VDOT said the wintery mix, paired with wet, icy roads can create the potential for dangerous road conditions.

They tell drivers if the road appears wet, they should consider it to be icy. VDOT plans to keep treating the roads with salt and abrasives.

If you do have to drive, VDOT says you should reduce your speed and use even more caution when going over bridges, or overpasses.

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