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Dr Pepper gathered thousands of people for annual giveaway



Roanoke, Virginia – Thousands of people waited in line in downtown Roanoke on Sunday to enjoy Roanoke’s favorite beverage in honor of Dr Pepper Day.

Roanoke is one of the cities with the highest per capita use of Dr Pepper. As a result, on Oct. 24, Dr. Pepper Park gives away roughly 2,000 free T-shirts and soda cans every year.

“The design is always unique each year. People come back year after year so they want the whole collection so they can have the year-specific Dr Pepper Day shirt,” said Dr Pepper Park President Waynette Anderson.

The date was chosen based on an earlier commercial campaign that encouraged consumers to drink the fizzy beverage around 10, 2, and 4 p.m.

It’s been a bubbly tradition in the city over the past seven years.

Dr Pepper Park is pleased to bring this season’s celebration to an end with record-breaking ticket sales.

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