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Canadian citizen who worked with ISIS and killed two Syrian soldiers sentenced to life in prison



Virginia – A Canadian citizen who was in charge of Islamic State propaganda and who personally murdered two Syrian soldiers in widely disseminated recordings was sentenced to life in prison by a US court.

At a hearing held on Friday in Alexandria, Virginia, the prosecution presented its case against Mohammed Khalifa, 39, a Canadian citizen who was born in Saudi Arabia and who was arrested in 2019 and sought a life-term sentence.

Khalifa was one of the most important figures in the organization’s successful recruitment of tens of thousands of foreign soldiers to protect its self-proclaimed caliphate.

In two videos that have become widely known as Flames of War, Khalifa may be seen shooting Syrian soldiers in the back of the head after they have dug their own graves in two videos.

The counsel defending Khalifa requested that their client be sentenced to no more than twenty years in prison.

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