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Asthma symptoms can be triggered by poor air quality



Roanoke, Virginia – Anyone can be affected by high pollution levels and poor air quality, according to Roanoke’s Asthma and Allergy Center experts.

People with severe asthma may have symptoms as a result from the haze that spreads from wildfires to the rest of the country.

Those with asthma and other respiratory issues are especially vulnerable to pollution, and smoke releases small particles into the air that can trigger inflammation in the lungs.

An allergist and immunologist at the Asthma & Allergy Center, Dr. Saju Eapen says at this time of year it can be especially difficult to control reactions.

”It’s also grass pollen season, so people, when they’re outside, are going to have trouble from just the pollen itself. Now that you add bad air quality, it’s just going to be a double whammy for them,” Dr. Eapen says.

Patients with severe asthma symptoms should monitor air quality and, if necessary, stay indoors with air conditioning and appropriate ventilation to recirculate the air, according to doctors.

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