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After the Lansdowne project is finished, the Roanoke neighborhood becomes safer



Roanoke, Virginia – According to DMV data, Roanoke City has seen at least 26 pedestrian collisions this year. Of those, two are lethal.

Volunteers came together on Saturday to finish a project aimed at boosting safety.

The goal of the nearly two-year-old Lansdowne Community Walkability Improvement Project is to improve Northwest Roanoke’s area, which encompasses Salem Turnpike and 24th St. Among the modifications are the following additions:

-The construction of a Salem Turnpike bus station that is ADA accessible.

-High-visibility crosswalks at 24th St. NW and Salem Turnpike

-Blinking beacons and high-visibility bollards for safety at pedestrian crossings

-A street mural created with feedback from adults and children living in the Lansdowne neighborhood and the surrounding Northwest Roanoke city area

The high and rapid daily traffic volumes, the narrow and non-ADA-compliant sidewalks, the absence of pedestrian-focused lighting, and the restricted chances for pedestrian crossings were the driving forces behind the city’s decision to implement these adjustments.

The modifications will aid in resolving these issues, with a focus on reducing traffic, creating a safer roadway, and improving the general standard of living for locals.


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